Mug Monday – Week 18: February 9, 2015

Mug Monday – Week 19:  February 9, 2015Mug Monday – Week 19:  February 9, 2015


Happy Mug Monday! This is the second mug in a series that I came across for next to nothing at a garage sale.


The back of the mug says, “Braving The Storm As waves wash over the desk, a lone sailor mans the ship’s wheel. The stormy tempest tests his seamanship and stamina. But long years of experience and an abiding love of the sea give him courage as he calmly braves the storm.”


Today I’m enjoying a cup of Folgers Gourmet coffee with a little bit of a Sonic Caramel Java Chiller mixed in. They’re both good individually, but especially so when combined! I’ll see you and your mug next week!

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