Mug Monday – Week 17: January 26, 2015

Mug Monday – Week 17:  January 26, 2015Mug Monday – Week 17:  January 26, 2015


Happy Mug Monday! I love Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post. I came across a set of mugs for next to nothing at a garage sale and had to get them.


The back of the mug says, “One of Norman Rockwell’s beloved works celebrating the sea, ‘Ship Ahoy’ first appeared on the August 19, 1922 cover of The Saturday Evening Post. As recreated here, it is a scene of warmth and sharing as the Grandfather passes on to his Grandson not only his knowledge but also an abiding love for the sea.”


Today I’m enjoying a delicious cup of Kimbo Espresso Italiano that I got in Italy. We got quite a bit of snow between yesterday and last night, so this should be a good way to prepare me before I go clean that up. It’s only 15 degrees right now, so I’ll probably use that as an excuse to have another cup of Kimbo when I’m done! Here’s to fair winds and following seas. I’ll see you and your mug next week!

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